IABSE Congress

21-23 September 2022, Nanjing

About us

BRIDEG Magazine, is a Chinese organization provides platform with a wide range of services for exchange technological and cultural viewpoints related to bridge and structural engineering domain both domestically and internationally.

BRIDGE Magazine publishes articles on the latest achievements in bridge industry around the world ranging from experts’ insights, scientific research, to asset management and culture perspectives. We are proud of our independent funding and value every source of high-quality article contributions. Our readers consist of industry experts of diverse background, including civil servants in management position from China’s Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, senior executives who work for design institutes, contractors, suppliers, and bridge owners.

Beijing Hechengtongzhi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.  is a company affiliated with BRIDGE Magazine, entrusted by IABSE and Tongji University for the expertise in operating conference and exhibition, will be the executive body for this IABSE Congress 2022 in Nanjing. 
Address:Room 360, Building 2, No. 10 baiquan Street, Yanqing Economic Development Zone, Yanqing District, Beijing