IABSE Congress

21-23 September 2022, Nanjing

Themes And Topics

Bridges and Structures: Connection, Integration and Harmonisation 

A. Future Trends and Innovations in Material, Design and Construction 

1. Mega structures (Projects) 
2. Long span and high-rise structures 
3. Future structural and functional demands 
4. Improvements of current codes and standards 
5. High and ultra-high performance materials 
6. Advanced experimental testing and techniques 
7. Advanced numerical models and simulations 
8. Building Information Modeling in structural engineering 
9. Innovative construction methods 
10. Innovative structural devices and products 
11. Digital technology and fabrication 
12. Applications of artificial intelligence 

B. Assessment, Strengthening and Management 

1. Structural health monitoring 
2. Evaluation and assessment techniques 
3. Model updating, safety evaluation and reliability forecast 
4. Innovative inspection techniques 
5. Maintenance, repair and retrofitting strategies 
6. Load carrying capacity and remaining lifetime 
7. Strengthening and repurposing of structures 
8. Expanding structures service life 
9. Deconstruction and recycling 
10. Bridge management systems 
11. Resilience of structures and cities 

C. Sustainability, Durability and Harmonisation of Structures 

1. Learning from previous errors: Forensic engineering 
2. Life-cycle based design 
3. Reducing risks of earthquakes, wind and other natural hazards 
4. Reducing risks of fire and other man-made hazards 
5. Extreme and exceptional loads on structures 
6. Climate change 
7. Fatigue and fracture 
8. Climate change adaptation and disaster resilience 
9. Environmental risk assessment 
10. Emission free building of structures 
11. Aesthetics in structural design 
12. Arcology