IABSE Congress

21-23 September 2022, Nanjing

Technical Visits

Site 1: Chang-Tai Bridge 

  • Railway / Highway cable-stayed bridge (under construction 2019-2024) 
  • World record: main span 1176 m 
  • Time and Date: 08:00 - 12:00, 24 September 2022 

The Chang-Tai Bridge is a highway and railway cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Yangtze River and connects Taixing in the North bank and Changzhou in the South bank. When completed, its 1176-meter-long main span and 338-meter-long side span will set a new world record of the same kind. The construction began in January 2019, and is expected to be finished in 2024. 

Site 2: Zhang-Jing-Gao Bridge 

  • Highway, Suspension bridge (under construction 2021-2026) 
  • World record: main span: 2300 m 
  • Time and Date: 12:00 - 17:00, 24 September 2022 

The Zhang-Jing-Gao Bridge is located in the downstream of Chang-Tai Bridge. It crosses the Yangtze River, connecting three cities, namely Rugao, Jingjiang and Zhangjiagang. The total length of Zhang Jing-Gao Bridge is 29.8 km with a main-span of 2300m, which will be the longest suspension bridge in the world. 

Zhang-Jing-Gao Bridge will make many world records once it finished: It will become the longest suspension bridge boasts the largest anchorage foundation, the longest continuous steel box girder, the longest main cable and the highest steel-concrete composite cable tower.