IABSE Congress

21-23 September 2022, Nanjing

About IABSE 2022 Nanjing

The IABSE Congress 2022 is organised by the Chinese Group of IABSE from 21st to 23rd September in Nanjing, China, with Bridge Mangazine being the organizer.

The Congress will maintain a traditional onsite format with the option to participate online. The congress theme will be “Bridges and Structures: Connection, Integration and Harmonisation”. Topics will include traditional bridges and structures, and will also include new elements such as Artificial Intelligence and dealing with Covid-19.

Scientists, experts, designers, contractors and all those who are interested in advances and problems in civil engineering, structures and bridges are invited to join the Congress for the exchange of experiences, dissemination of specialist knowledge and information in various fields of structural engineering. 



International Association for Bridges and Structures Engineering (IABSE), is a scientific/technical Association established in 1929 in Zurich, with members in 90 countries and 58 National Groups worldwide dealing with all aspects of structural engineering. The Association's mission is to exchange knowledge to advance the practice of structural engineering in the service of the profession and society. The current president is Yao Junge, China.

IABSE operates on a worldwide basis and the academic congress has been held since 1931, dealing with all aspects of planning, design, construction, maintenance, renovation and demolition of civil engineering structures. IABSE publishes a high quality journal, SEI(Structural Engineering International), and publishes books reflecting the work of its Technical Groups; creating technical Task Groups; offers activities within National Groups of IABSE; supports Young Engineers and presents annual Awards in recognition of outstanding achievements in structural engineering.

About Chinese Group

Chinese Group was founded in 1957 and was organized by Professor Li Guohao of Tongji University, who served as its chairman for more than 40 years. Professor Li Guohao won the highest  honorary academy award of IABSE - Award of Merit (International Structural Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award) in 1987. This is the 13th Lifetime Achievement Award in the history of the IABSE and the first time it went to a Chinese scholar. In 2002, Academician Fan Lichu took over as the chairman of the Chinese Group, and served from 2002 to 2010. Professor Ge Yaojun served as the chairman of the Chinese Group from 2010 to 2018. At present, Professor Sun Limin serves as the chairman of the Chinese delegation, Professor Xu Dong serves as the vice chairman, and Associate Researcher Xia Ye serves as the secretary general.

Bridge Magazine

BRIDEG Magazine, is a Chinese organization provides a platform with a wide range of services for viewpoints exchange related to bridge and structural engineering technology and culture home and abroad.
BRIDGE Magazine publishes articles on the latest achievements in bridge industry around the world ranging from experts’ insights and scientific research to bridge management and culture. We are proud of our independent funding and value every high-quality article contribution. Our readers range from industry experts of diverse background, including but not limit to civil servants in management position from China’s Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, senior executives who work for design institutes, contractors, suppliers, and bridge owners.

Beijing Hechengtongzhi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.. is a company affiliated with BRIDGE Magazine, entrusted by IABSE and Tongji University for the expertise in operating conference and exhibition, will be the executive body for this IABSE Congress 2022 in Nanjing.